My Head

I am a writer, editor, and content strategist specializing in technology and software development.

Currently I am Senior Technical Writer at Prefect.io, helping users to orchestrate and observe their dataflows.

Past experience includes:

I've written for O'Reilly, Application Development Trends, and Redmond Magazine.

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Advocating for progress in my community is a priority. Some projects I've been involved with include:


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Writing Portfolio

Some examples of my writing:

"CSS Basics: The Box Model, Margin, and Padding", a CSS3 tutorial.

"Teaching Programming with Human Functions", a blog post I wrote about my experience creating curriculum for and teaching programming to 4th grade students.

"Writing About Code: Structure", an article based on a Vermont Code Camp presentation on writing techniques for technical authors. This is an approach to technical writing I still use today.

TapUtils is a set of command line utilities I wrote as a companion piece to an iOS application for capturing craft beer ratings. The app is gone now, but I took documenting the apps as seriously as I would any other project in the readme file.

Web Page Size, Speed, and Performance, a book published by O’Reilly.

I also contributed to the Visual Studio Magazine "Toolbox" column for many years. Here are a few columns that were more "how-to" style content.