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  1. Who Is a Replicant in Blade Runner?

    There's still a lot of controversy about whether Deckard is a replicant in Blade Runner. You can interpret the film as you like, but I think costume design conveys a lot about what the original production team thought about the characters.

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  2. Interaction of Color

    Josef Albers Interaction of Color shows that perception of color depends greatly on the surrounding or adjacent colors. I created a web page that creates dynamically generated color swatches demonstrating one of Josef Albers' color interaction exercises.

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  3. Tap Utils for TapCellar

    If you enjoy exploring craft beer, TapCellar is a fantastic beer journal app for iPhone. I wrote some Ruby scripts to extract interesting information from your TapCellar backups.

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  4. Writing About Code: Structure

    Many of us were taught a five-paragraph mode of construction: tell us what you're going to tell us, tell us, then tell us what you told us. This is boring, repetitive, and evil. More notes from a presentation I gave on writing about code.

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  5. Return of the Jedi Remembered

    30 years ago today, two friends and I ditched school to see the very first screening of Return of the Jedi. It turned out to be a significant day in ways I didn't suspect at the time.

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  6. Terms of Service

    Online services are going to steal all of our content and use it to enrich themselves. Or maybe they're not. Some thoughts on copyright, online services, and TOS language.

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  7. Gimme Shelter

    An empty box can provide as much engaging play time as the toys that may have come in it. I build playhouses for the kids out of cardboard boxes.

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  8. Coder Interviews at the Code Project

    I've been working with software developers for a long time now, and one thing I learned along the way is that coders are a diverse bunch. That's one reason why it has been fun and entertaining to launch the "A Coder Interview With..." series of interviews at the Code Project.

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